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Fright Acres Attractions

Fright Acres haunted attraction consists of 4 zones all linked together for one very long trek through different themes and dimensions! Can you survive Fright Acres!?

Reapers Hollow

As you approach the mausoleum, your heart rate starts to increase. There is light creeping through the door. Someone or something is lurking in there. As you get closer it feels as if your world is closing in around you and you are being forced towards the door. Will you be brave enough to enter the corn and survive?

Reaper's Hollow haunted house at Fright Acres
Dead End Motel at Fright Acres Colorado

Dead End Motel

While visiting Reapers Hollow come stay at the recently renovated and modernized, family owned and operated Dead End Motel. Our unique staff can attend to any of your requests to make your stay dreadfully entertaining. We hope you stay with us and your experience is a memorable one!

Goblins Grove

Those who dare to hike back to the old woods behind the Dead End Motel may never come back! There have been many gruesome tales about Goblins Grove. Everyone who enters either comes out possessed or has never returned! Goblins are grotesque creatures who live in the dark, they are extremely mischievous and love to terrorize. Beware! Will you survive the Goblins Grove?

Goblins Grove at Fright Acres
Fright Zone


As the night is darkening around you and your heart starts to race, traveling through the Fright Zone is a very chaotic place. The abandoned town still shines in its own little way, but don’t stay too long, lest you become prey. Creatures of the night have taken this space, so best you keep a steady pace. If you want to escape the motel and venture through the grove, you’ll have to pass the dimension known as the Fright Zone.

Fright Acres

Located across the street from Target and WalMart in Parker
Flat Acres Farm
11321 Dransfeldt Road
Parker, CO 80134

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